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We only charge the prices that we quote. Our prices include all the equipment and fuel charges, catering fees and service charges of all the staff including yacht captain and first mate.

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If you have any queries regarding our packages and prices, feel free to contact us.

Our Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do all yacht charters include catering services? Is there any additional fee for it?
A. Not all our charters include catering services. However, for a small fee you can add it to any of our charters. We work with some of the best chefs in Puerto Vallarta, so you won't regret using us.
Q. Is drinking allowed on the boat?
A: Yes, drinking is allowed on our yachts. You can bring your own or use our services.
Q. Are there any water sports that we can enjoy?
A: Yes. On most of our yachts, we provide equipment for water boarding and snorkeling. There are also wave runner and scuba diving packages you can ask us about.
Q. Can you explain half day and full day?
A. A half day is four hours and a full day is eight hours. If you want more time, we charge hourly.
Q. What is a referral gift and how can I get it?
A. This is an awesome program we offer so that if someone you know uses us and tells us you recommended them, you get $150 in cash or as a discount on your next rental.
Q. Can we become part of the Yachts Puerto Vallarta team and work as a broker?
A. Yes. Please contact us and let us know your interest. We're happy to send you more information!
Q. I'm a boat owner. Can I send my boat or yacht to you for charter purposes?
A. Yes! We're more than happy to work with you on this. Please contact us for more information.



Boat Rental Puerto Vallarta